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Air travel transformation. Delivered.
We architect, accelerate and deliver major greenfield and
change projects for air transport industry leaders.

Aviation Project & Program Delivery

Nothing speaks louder than great delivery. Over 20 years, we've mastered the art of complex, multi-stakeholder project, program and portfolio delivery in the highly regulated air transport industry. Employing highly experienced airline, airport and ATM project professionals, we mobilise your critical business initiatives, then track and deliver the outcomes and their business benefits for your enduring success.


We love simplifying, modernising and securing the IT infrastructure and applications that are the backbone of the air transport industry.

However, we realise transformation must always be done with your people not to them. Like you, we are in the people business!

  • Strategic and tactical planning

  • Opportunity analysis

  • Business case development

  • Roadmap development

  • Organisational change management


We’ve successfully delivered large and small cross-industry multi-disciplinary projects.

Airline mergers, airport privatisations, new terminals and ATC automation are in our DNA.

  • Definition, planning & mobilisation

  • Agile delivery

  • Stakeholder Management

  • Risk Management

  • Benefits tracking & realisation


These are just a few of the industry initiatives keeping us busy at present.


If we can’t help you with your current initiative, we’ll surely know someone who can.


  • IATA 753 baggage track & trace

  • Self-service check-in (inc biometric)

  • A-CDM airport collaborative decision making

  • Electronic Flight Bags

  • Augmented reality / virtual reality

  • PSS/DSS upgrades & integration

  • Operations optimisation


Airports are amazing mini-cities, serving thousands of people every day


We've delivered aviation strategy and program delivery for leading airports both in Australia and overseas.


  • New airports, terminals and runways

  • Airport operations (AODB)

  • Retail management

  • Car parks / ground transport 

  • Access control & CCTV

  • Flight information (FIDS)

  • Big data & analytics

  • Asset management

  • Aeronautical billing

  • Baggage handling

  • Custom applications

  • IT infrastructure

  • System integration

  • Simplification & cost downs

  • Resilience & risk reviews


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We understand there's an enormous team effort that goes on behind the scenes to deliver an easy booking process and enjoyable, on-schedule journey for your passengers.

We deliver your idea's to simplify, personalise and automate your passenger, crew and industry partner interactions. 


  • Website & online sales

  • Reservation

  • Inventory management

  • New port launches

  • Passenger service (PSS)

  • Departure control (DCS)

  • Check-in / CUTE / CUSS

  • Baggage messaging (BSM)

  • Ramp & turnaround 

  • Flight operations

  • Flight training & checking

  • Fleet maintenance & spares

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ATC / ANSP / Others

Maintaining a safe, orderly and expeditious flow of air traffic in the skies around the clock is a huge responsibility.

In most countries, air traffic control (ATC) services are provided by government air navigation service providers (ANSP's)


  • ICAO ANSP block upgrade program

  • Collaborative decision making (CDM)

  • Long-range air traffic flow management

  • Remote air traffic services (RATS)

  • Arrivals management (AMAN)

  • Departures management (DMAN)

  • Surface management (A-SMGCS)

  • Aeronautical information (AIP / AIS)

  • Global data interoperability (SWIM)

  • Noise & flight path monitoring

  • Flight briefing (NAIPS)

  • NOTAM management

  • Electronic flight bags (EFB)

  • Aeronautical charging


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